You asked: How many bodies of water are in Nigeria?

What are the major bodies of water in Nigeria?


Types of water bodies Approximate surface area (ha)
iii) Cross River 3,900,000
iv) Imo River 910,000
v) Kwa Iboe River 500,200
vi) Niger River (less Kainji and Jebba lakes) 169,800

What are the five water bodies in Nigeria?


Types of water bodies Approximate surface area (ha)
i) Lake Chad (natural) 550,000
ii) Kainji Lake (man-made) 127,000
iii) Jebba Lake (man-made) 35,000
iv) Shiroro Lake (man-made) 31,200

How many oceans are in Nigeria?

In total, there are four different oceans according to the national classification – Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Northern Arctic. Children in a number of foreign schools also learn about the Southern Ocean – one that surrounds Antarctica and is limited by the course of the Western winds.

How many river basins are there in Nigeria?

In 1984, new basin authorities were created for each state, an increase to 19 from the original eleven basins.

Which water body is closest to Nigeria?

Nigeria’s coastline runs for 530 miles between its international borders with Benin to the west and Cameroon to the south. The country’s territorial rights extend more than 200 nautical miles into the Atlantic Ocean.

What’s the main religion in Nigeria?

A 2012 survey by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life estimated the population to be 49.3 percent Christian and 48.8 percent Muslim, while the remaining 2 percent belong to other or no religions. Many individuals combine indigenous beliefs and practices with Islam or Christianity.

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