What is the Colour of the Nigerian police uniform?

The meaning of the blue, yellow and green colours on the Nigerian Police flag. The Nigerian Police was first established in 1820 with some parts of the Northern and Southern protectorate having its own constabulary.

What are the police Colours?

The Metropolitan Police force patrol London. They wear very dark blue uniforms and white shirts, and some wear tall helmets, developed from the top hats worn by early policemen. Their dark blue uniforms are almost indistinguishable from black and earnt the police the nickname of the “boys in blue”.

Can police have tattoos?

A police department cannot let an officer display any tattoo he/she wants. … Officers will not be allowed to have tattoos on the hands, neck, or face.

How do female cops have to wear their hair?

Specific Sworn Female Standards (1110.00)

Hair will be neatly trimmed, shaped and in a style that permits wearing of the uniform cap or hat or other department emergency equipment. b. If hair is longer than collar length, it must be pulled back and cannot extend below the top of the shoulder blades.

What is the salary of Nigeria police?

Salary structure

S/NO Ranks Monthly Salary
b Commissioner for Police on Grade Level 15 (06) ₦302,970.47
15 Assistant Inspector General of Police ₦499,751.87
16 Deputy Inspector General of Police ₦546,572.73
17 Inspector General of Police ₦711,498
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How Long Does police training take in Nigeria?

Modeled after the Nigerian Military University in Kaduna, the NPA would offer a five-year academic and professional degree program for new cadets and an eighteen-month intensive course for college graduates aspiring to a police career.

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