What is FURO in Yoruba?

What is the meaning of FURO?

noun, plural fu·ros, Japanese fu·ro. a short, deep Japanese bathtub, often with a seat, in which a person sits upright while soaking in hot water.

What is Orukun English?

Here is orunkun meaning in English: boots.

What is Abuke in English?

Abuke who fought bravely against the oppressors in the Philippines. … It means brave, gallant, fearless and nationalistic” and is of Filipino (Philippines) origin.

What does Pele mean in yoruba?

The Yoruba exact word that covers “sorry” is “Mabinu” while folks interpret “Pele” as “sorry” are just throwing a broad blanket. Pele is more about empathy.

Who gave the name Yoruba?

although the language was considered similar enough to have one newspaper for all of them. It was Samuel Ajayi Crowther who in the nineteenth century actively worked to encourage the amalgam of related linguistic groups in western Nigeria to adopt the name “Yoruba” as their endonym.

What is Yoruba religion?

Many Yoruba are now Christians or Muslims, but aspects of their traditional religion survive. The traditional Yoruba religion has an elaborate hierarchy of deities, including a supreme creator and some 400 lesser gods and spirits, most of whom are associated with their own cults and priests.

What does Jare mean in Yoruba?

Jare – Yoruba: Please.

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How do you greet someone in Yoruba?

The following greetings can be used at any time of the day to greet someone “hello” in Yoruba language:

  1. E nle o. …
  2. E pele o. …
  3. E rora o. …
  4. E ku ishe o (most appropriate for greeting someone who is busy with something). …
  5. E ku ikale o (most appropriate for greeting someone who’s sitting down or relaxed).
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