What happened to Colton from bad Chad customs?

How much is Colton Hiltz worth?

He has made an impressive net worth estimated at around $90 million from his customs work. Also, he gathers a profitable amount from his television reality show that aired on Discovery Channel.

How much money is bad Chad worth?

As a car modifier and designer, Chad Hiltz has a net worth of $2 million. With his popularity and business on the rise, it is only a matter of time before he expands his wealth. If you are curious as to how Chad Hiltz earns money, then the answer is car customization.

Is Bad Chad married?

Debuted on first Jan 2019, the show ‘Awful Chad Customs’ aired to around 90 million watchers on the Discovery Channel.

Chad Hiltz Quick Facts.

Name Chad Hiltz
Married Yes
Wife/Partner Jolene MacIntyre
Children Two
Nationality American

Does Chad have autism?

Chad is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum

After many months, multiple doctors and appointments, Chad was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum when he was three and a half years old.

What did bad Chad get in trouble for?

One day a friend asked him to sell him some. Chad called up another friend and got it for him. Two months later, five of Chad’s friends and Chad were arrested for delivery of a controlled substance.

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