What does Alabosi mean in Yoruba?

What is the meaning of Alabosi in Yoruba?

Alabosi. (Yoruba) 867 up 678 down. Definition: n. a hypocrite; deceiver; dissembler .

What is Abosi English?

Here is abosi meaning in English: biased.

What does Aye in Yoruba mean?

740 views. Gbolahan Subair. , knows Yoruba. Aye correctly pronounced and spelt as “aiye” simply means life. It can also be expanded to mean the physical world and all its inhabitants.

What is a hypocrisy mean?

1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel His hypocrisy was finally revealed with the publication of his private letters.

What does dissembler mean?

Definitions of dissembler. a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. synonyms: dissimulator, hypocrite, phoney, phony, pretender. types: charmer, smoothie, smoothy, sweet talker. someone with an assured and ingratiating manner.

What does Jare mean in Yoruba?

‘Jare’, pronounced ‘ jah-reh ‘ has its roots in the Yoruba language in Nigeria. It means innocent, justified, blameless. For example ‘Emi ni mo jare ‘ means ‘ Iam the innocent party’ It is also used to lay emphasis on a given sentence.

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What does Werey mean in Yoruba?

Werey. Definition: from Yoruba. mad, crazy, to act irrational.

Are we all hypocrites?

Not only that, I think that’s pretty normal for most people (most of the time), and it’s generally accepted as a normal human thing (most of the time). Hypocrisy is a common trait, but sometimes it’s more acceptable than others, and that’s what this article is about. … We are, all of us, hypocrites. It’s unavoidable.

What does Jesus say about hypocrites?

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.

What’s an example of hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy is defined as saying or feeling one thing and doing another. An example of hypocrisy is writing a book about truth and honesty using made up stories to make your point. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.

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