Was there a war between Spain and Morocco?

Rif War, also called War of Melilla, Rif also spelled Riff, (1921–26), conflict between Spanish colonial forces and Rif peoples led by Muhammad Abd el-Krim. It was fought primarily in the Rif, a mountainous region of northern Morocco.

Did Spain invade Morocco?

The Spanish protectorate in Morocco was established on 27 November 1912 by a treaty between France and Spain that converted the Spanish sphere of influence in Morocco into a formal protectorate.

Spanish protectorate in Morocco.

Spanish Protectorate in Morocco Protectorado español en Marruecos الحماية الإسبانية على المغرب
Currency Spanish peseta

Why did Spain not colonize Morocco?

Spain had no problem controlling its colony after the Civil War. But when in 1956 France will give independence to its part of Morocco, the Spanish Government, discovered that in the Spanish part also wanted independence. Spain put no difficulties.

What do Spanish think of Morocco?

Spaniards generally don’t feel closely related to Moroccans, perhaps the different language family, religion and traditional customs might have something to do with it. That said, Spaniards don’t necessarily dislike or discriminate against Moroccans either, they’re just a little apathetic and oblivious towards Morocco.

Does Morocco have war?

The Western Sahara conflict is an ongoing conflict between the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Western Sahara conflict.

Date 17 June 1970 – present (51 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days)
Result Ongoing
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