Question: How much is the ticket from California to Egypt?

How much is the flight from California to Egypt?

Flights to Cities in Egypt

Flights Lowest Price
Los Angeles, California to Cairo, Egypt $546
Los Angeles, California to Sharm el-Sheikh $1,157
Los Angeles, California to Hurghada $844
Los Angeles, California to Luxor $955

Can you drive to Egypt from California?

California To Egypt travel time

California is located around 10949 KM away from Egypt so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Egypt in 218.98 hours.

How far is Egypt from California on a plane?

5811 miles / 9351.9 km is the flight distance between these two places. Use this distance calculator to find air distance and flight distance from California to Cairo or any other city in Egypt.

How long is flight to Egypt from LA?

Flight time from Los Angeles to Cairo is 16 hours 40 minutes.

How many hours is Egypt from California?

Average direct flight time is 14 hours 58 minutes.

The fastest direct flight from California to Egypt is 14 hours 58 minutes.

How far is Egypt from California in hours?

Flying time from California to Egypt

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The total flight duration from California to Egypt is 15 hours, 49 minutes.

Is it safe to go to Egypt in 2020?

Egypt – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel due to terrorism, and do not travel to the Sinai Peninsula (with the exception of travel to Sharm El-Sheikh by air) and the Western Desert due to terrorism, and Egyptian border areas due to military zones.

Can Egyptian citizen Visit USA?

Yes! If you are from Egypt and want to visit the United States, you must acquire the US B1/B2 Visa. The travel document allows visits to the US for tourism and business purposes. We can help you with the US B1/B2 Visa for Egypt Citizens.

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