Is mpesa available in Nigeria?

Of the “big three” economies in Africa (South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria), mPesa is currently only available in one — Egypt. This is not from a lack of trying. Following multiple failed starts in South Africa, the service was eventually scrapped in 2016.

Can I use mpesa in Nigeria?

Using the mySafaricom app you can send from your M-Pesa account to Nigeria through Western Union or PayPal if the recipient has a PayPal account.

How do I open a mpesa account in Nigeria?

Download the Safaricom App and access among other services, Fuliza M-PESA, Bill Manager and M-PESA Global.

Register For M-PESA

  1. Select M-PESA menu then select Activate or Wezesha.
  2. Enter the ‘M-PESA PIN received via SMS.
  3. Create your own Secret PIN and confirm it.
  4. Enter the ID number used during registration.

How can I send money from Nigeria to Kenya?

How to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria

  1. Open an account or Login to your Eastpesa account.
  2. Login to your account and select the ‘send money’ option.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send in naira.
  4. Select delivery option. …
  5. Select your payment method such as bank account, mobile money, card or wire transfer.
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Which countries use mpesa?


Operating area Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan, Lesotho, DRC, Ghana, Mozambique, Egypt, Ethiopia
Members Vodafone, Safaricom
Founded 2007
Owner Vodafone

Is mobile money in Nigeria?

One fact has always been clear, Nigeria does not operate a telco-led mobile money model. Unlike other African countries like Ghana and Kenya, the government employs the bank-led and non-bank-led models. Essentially, only banks or licenced corporate organisations can be Mobile Money Operators (MMOs).

Is PayPal available in Nigeria?

Established in 1998 as Confinity, PayPal is the leading global payment system and is now available to residents of Nigeria. It is available in over 200 countries and territories around the world in 23 currencies.

How do I receive money from mpesa in Nigeria?

How do I get assistance?

  1. Dial *840#
  2. Select Opt in.
  3. Read Terms and conditions.
  4. Accept / Decline.
  5. Enter M-PESA PIN.
  6. Then Wait for confirmation SMS.

How much does it cost to send 5000 via mpesa?

According to the current Mpesa charges, sending any amount between 3500 and 5000 from your Mpesa account to other M-Pesa users will cost you 61 Kenyan Shillings. So you will pay 61 Kshs as the Mpesa fee for sending Kshs5000 from your M-Pesa account to your family and friends.

Can someone send money from Nigeria to Kenya?

How to send money from Nigeria to Kenya – Quora. The fastest and easiest way is Eversend (The mobile only banking alternative ) – you can add money to your Eversend by bank transfer or VISA/Mastercard and send it to MPESA in Kenya instantly.

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Can a Nigerian work in Kenya?

Nigerian passport holders require a visa to travel to Kenya, but rest assured the Kenya visa process is an easy one! Travellers can apply for the Kenyan e-visa for tourists online through eVisa. Once you’ve downloaded your e-visa, simply present it to port officials upon arrival, and you’re all set.

Does WorldRemit work in Nigeria?

Yes, you can still send money to Nigeria using WorldRemit. The latest directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria has led to some changes to the services we offer.

Is it illegal to send money to Nigeria?

Yes. Following November 2020 decision by the central bank, money transfer operators sending money into Nigeria were heavily restricted and only permitted to issue remittances to the country in US dollars. Since then, only a small number of operators are authorised to handle transfers to Nigeria.

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