How should I dress in Egypt?

What can you not wear in Egypt?

As a tourist you aren’t expected to wear a hijab or any other hair or facial covering in Egypt. The only exception to this is if you’re visiting a mosque – in that case, you do indeed need to respect the fact that you’re entering a religious building and cover up.

What clothes should I wear in Egypt?

Adopting the conservative dress code will hopefully deflect unwanted attention from the Egyptian men, which for most women is desirable. Basic clothes could include loose linen/cotton trousers or a below knee skirt and sleeved blouse. (If you’re planning to ride a camel, a skirt is not a good idea.)

Can you wear revealing clothes in Egypt?

There are unofficial ‘dress codes’ in Egypt, depending on the city and the region. Wearing something too revealing will not only attract unwanted attention, but it could also offend locals.

Can you drink the water in Egypt?

In Egypt, drinking water from the tap is not recommended. Water treatment plants in and around Cairo heavily chlorinate the supply, so the water in the capital is relatively safe to drink. However, it is advisable everywhere else in Egypt to purchase bottled water or drink treated or purified water.

How much should you tip in Egypt?

Tipping is always expected in Egypt, it is generally expected to tip 10% as a sign of good etiquette and respect across all the facilities. There will be a service charge on the pill which goes to the restaurant, not the waiter.

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Is hijab mandatory in Egypt?

The government does not dictate what women wear, but women face social pressure to both wear and not wear the hijab. Some upscale restaurants ban veiled women, while those who forgo the scarf may be subjected to abuses from friends, family or even strangers.

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