How much is steam card $50 in Nigeria money?

Card Rate in Naira
USA ecode $50 – $200 250/Dollar
CAD $50 – $500 200/Dollar
AUD $50 -$500 200/Dollar
EUR 50 -500 340/EUR

How much is steam card in Nigeria money?

Currently, the price of $100 steam gift card in Naira on sellcardbtc is 27,500 naira.

How much is $50 iTunes card in Nigeria money?

Going by the market exchange rate of N350 – N360 to $1, a $50 iTunes gift card will between N17,500 —N18,000.

How much is 500$ steam card in Nigeria?

The price range for $500 Steam card is usually within the range of 200,000 to 300,000 naira.

Is $200 a lot of money in Nigeria?

At the current exchange rate of N360/dollar, $200 is N72000. With up to two-thirds of the population living on less than a dollar a day, Nigerians living in poverty rise , $200 is a lot of money for most Nigerians.

How much is $25 Steam card naira?

How much is $25 steam Gift card in Naira? Currently, the price of a $25 steam gift card on Giftcardstonaira is #5,000. You can use our Gift card rate calculator to find out the current rate of different gift cards in Nigeria.

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How much is $500 Amazon card in Nigeria money?

The price range of a $500 Amazon card in naira is from 170,000 naira to 250,000 naira.

How much is $25 iTunes in Nigeria?

For a $25 iTunes card, you can expect a price range of 8,000 to 11,000 naira.

How much is $200 iTunes in Naira?

The price range for a $200 iTunes card is usually from 80,000 to 90,000 naira.

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