How much is PlayStation in Nigeria?

The PlayStation 4 Pro(1 Terabyte(TB) version only) can be gotten between the range of 150,000 Naira and 200,000 Naira in Nigeria. While the PlayStation 4 Slim(500 Gigabyte(GB) or 1 Terabyte(TB) version) can be gotten between the range of 110,000 Naira and 150,000 Naira in Nigeria.

How long will a PS4 last?

Potential lifespan anywhere between 5 to 20+ years. I still have my ps1 and it works so does my ps2 whereas both my ps4s have bricked themselves on me only with the pro I bothered getting it fixed because I my pro and want to keep it well into the ps5 era or as long as humanly possible.

How Much Is iPhone 11 in Nigeria money?

How much is iPhone 11 in Nigeria? The iPhone 11 price in Nigeria is 255,000 Naira for 64GB, 270,000 Naira for the 128GB and 325,000 Naira for 256GB. The smartphone is available on Jumia, Konga, and Slot Nigeria.

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