How Much Does Job Group H earn in Kenya?

Civil Service Job Group Basic Salary Gross Salary
G 16,692 30,304
H 19,323 33,662
J 24,662 39,918
K 31,020 56,590

How much does a Kenyan Chief earn per month?

The most common salary of a Kenyan Chief is Ksh. 40,000 and the highest paid chief in Kenya makes Ksh. 70,000 per month.

What determines job group in Kenya?

If you are employed by the Government of Kenya, you are placed into categories, which have different salaries attached to them, commonly referred to as Job Group”. … The SRC graded jobs in all the public sector into 19 categories with the lowest-paid civil servant in grade B1 and the highest in grade E4.

What does job group mean?

What are Job Groups? Workforce Planning Job Groups are groups of job classes that are linked by a common purpose, skill set, or education or certification requirement. They allow us to more precisely identify the availability for that type of work.

What is the basic salary of a chief in Kenya?

An experienced Chief in Kenya earns a basic salary between Ksh 30,000 and Ksh 60,000. The highest-paid chief in Kenya earns Ksh 70,000 in a single month as his or her basic salary.

How much do Assistant Chiefs earn in Kenya?

Assistant Chief earns a salary of between Ksh. 25,000 and Ksh. 35,000 per month while Chief’s salary ranges between Ksh. 35,000 to Ksh.

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How much does a clerical officer earn in Kenya?

Clerk Salaries

Job Title Salary
KCB Bank Clerk salaries – 5 salaries reported KES 58,000/mo
KCB Bank Clerk salaries – 3 salaries reported KES 33,000/mo
Kenya Commercial Bank Clerk salaries – 3 salaries reported KES 28,000/mo
IEBC Clerk salaries – 2 salaries reported KES 27,500/mo

How much does a P1 teacher earn in Kenya?

Starting from July 2018, any P1 teacher will pocket a basic salary of Kshs 21775. According to the CBA that was signed, this amount will increase by ksh 1000 every year to a maximum of 5 years.

What is a job family group?

A Job Family is a group of jobs that involve similar work and require similar training, skills, knowledge, and expertise. A Sub-family is a smaller group of jobs within a larger job family. Sub-families describe specialized functions.

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