How many Nigerians are starving?

On top of the rates of displacement, 5.1 million Nigerians are malnourished. Being on the move makes food sources even less reliable. Countries with high rates of political conflict typically have hunger issues that coincide. The amount of food insecure households is highest in the rural region of Borno in Nigeria.

How many people are hungry in Nigeria 2020?

The GNAFC and FSIN said in Nigeria, “the number of acutely food-insecure people during the June–August 2020 lean season is forecast at 7.1 million, over 40 per cent up from the same period last year.”

How many kids are starving in Nigeria?

The crisis in Nigeria comes at a time when the world is facing its biggest hunger crisis of the 21st century, with an estimated 5.7 million children under five on the brink of starvation across the globe. A further 13 million children under 18 are facing extreme food shortages, the organisation said.

Why is there no food in Nigeria?

But Nigeria has faced food shortage problems in the past. High prices of staple food, due to limited domestic production, often drive these shortages. This is due to the neglect of the agricultural sector and high dependence on oil revenue since 1970.

Do people starve in Nigeria?

Nigeria hunger statistics for 2018 was 12.60%, a 0.7% increase from 2017. Nigeria hunger statistics for 2017 was 11.90%, a 0.1% decline from 2016. Nigeria hunger statistics for 2016 was 12.00%, a 0.9% increase from 2015. Nigeria hunger statistics for 2015 was 11.10%, a 1.3% increase from 2014.

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Is hunger a problem in Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of many food-deficient countries in Africa, and its alarming hunger statistics are tied with high levels of conflict that have plagued the region surrounding Nigeria for years. A food crisis such as Nigeria’s causes distressing levels of stunting in children and is correlated with high rates of poverty.

Is Nigeria food insecure?

At least 9.2 million people in Nigeria faced a crisis or worse levels of food insecurity between March and May this year amid armed conflicts, COVID-19’s effects and climate change, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Monday.

Where can I get free food in Nigeria?


  • You can Request for aid or Volunteer to deliver it.
  • Request food aid- Dial *371*911# on your MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile phone, or visit to provide your details.
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