How many children did naira have in Yrkkh?

The couple is blessed with two kids, a girl and a boy, and they have also adopted Krishna.

Why Kanchi Singh left Yrkkh?

In the latest report published by Spotboye, it has been revealed that Rohan and Kanchi have called it quits. The entertainment portal mentioned that the two actors were unable to sort out their issues, and therefore, they mutually decided to end their relationship.

What is Naira real name?

Is Krishna Kartik’s daughter?

Leela named Kartik and Naira’s daughter as Krishna.

Is Yrkkh going to end?

The producer of YRKKH ended the sweet note by wishing the team ‘Best of Luck’ for their ‘New Uncharted Journey’ in the Entertainment Industry. Earlier, the producer of the show YRKKH Rajan Shahi also celebrated 12 years of the show as well as 3300 episodes of the show.

Who is Sneha in Yrkkh?


Character Portrayed by Year(s)
Parvati Singhania Kirti Sually 2010–2019
Sneha Charu Asopa 2010
Rishabh Karan Sharma 2010
Payal Neha Sehgal 2011–15
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