How many castles are in Ghana and their names?

There are 28 separate properties on the list, including three castles; fifteen forts; four forts partially in ruins; four ruins with visible structures; and two sites with traces of former fortifications. The UNESCO has documented 32 forts and castles along Ghana’s coast as World Heritage Sites.

What are the names of the Forts in Ghana?

The property consists of three Castles (Cape Coast, St. George’s d’Elmina and Christiansborg at Osu, Accra), 15 Forts (Good Hope at Senya Beraku; Patience at Apam; Amsterdam at Abandzi; St. Jago at Elmina; San Sebastian at Shama; Metal Cross at Dixcove; St.

Why do Ghanaians know how do you speak English?

If the government was run by the British, and they offered the most lucrative jobs, it became very important to be fluent in English for some Ghanaians. Soon, a good command of the English language demonstrated the ability to obtain one of these jobs, hence it became a symbol of status.

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