Best answer: Who is supposed to pay land rates in Kenya?

Land rates in Kenya is simply payable tax charged by the county governments within a municipality or township. The rates may vary from one location to another mainly because of the difference in land value and services rendered by the county offices for the land ie sewerage services.

Who pays land rent in Kenya?

Kenya Revenue Authority and Ministry of Lands & Physical Planning notifies all leasehold owners about the obligation to pay land rent annually as require under Sect 28 of the Lands Act. KRA has observed that most leasehold owners only pay land rent on transfer or charge of their property.

How do you pay land rates?

Go to and follow the steps to check your outstanding rates. You can pay conveniently via MPESA or at any NBK Branch. Remember to pay all county services, including parking fees by dialing *235#, through or you can download Nairobi County Epayments App.

What is the difference between land rates and rent?

Land rates are levies imposed on all parcels of land and payable to the county governments. … Land rent is levy imposed on leasehold parcels of land where the annual rent has been reserved at the time the grant is being issued and its payable to the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning.

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How can I check land rent in Kenya?

Register or log in to the ardhisasa platform ( Click on Land Rent under Land Administration Services. Search for the parcel number or title number. Invoices for the Land Rent will be displayed.

How much is land tax in Kenya?

Land Tax. Land tax is a local tax with rates varying depending on the location of the land. The highest rate is 8% which applies in Nairobi.

How much is land rates in Kiambu?

The county government also introduced a new flat rate on agricultural land at Sh2,000 per acre for those with less than five acres of land. Large land owners will pay Sh800 per acre for area below 20 acres, in the new rates that have hit small land owners hard.

What are rates in property?

Rates, taxes and levies are fees paid to the authority that services your property such as a body corporate or municipality. These fees are dependent on your property type and are paid to the authority which services your property such as a body corporate or municipality.

How often are rates due?

Rates are paid every year and can be paid in full or by quarterly instalments. If you are paying in full, your rates are due on or before 31 August 2021. The due dates for quarterly instalments are: 1st instalment: 31 August.

Why do we pay land rates?

Councils help local communities run smoothly. They administer various laws and regulations to help maintain and improve services and facilities for the community. … The rates you pay allow your council to fund these services.

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Do you have to pay rates on agricultural land?

You may not have to pay business rates on: agricultural land and buildings, including fish farms. … buildings registered for public religious worship or church halls.

Do you pay land tax in Act?

Generally, if you own a residential rental property, you pay land tax on it. Home owners in the ACT pay rates to fund a range of services for the ACT community. This tax helps cover the costs of our ACT community’s fire and emergency services.

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