Best answer: What is Akalamagbo in Yoruba?

What is Akalamagbo in English?

english name for akalamagbo is HORNBILL.

What is the English name for Lekeleke?


English Yorùbá……………………………
Bushfowl Aparo
Cardinal bird Irosun
Cattle egret Lekeleke
Chicken Adiẹ

Which animal is called igala in Yoruba?


English Yorùbá
Gorilla Ìnọkí
Rhinoceros Ẹfọn
Stallion Ìgalà

What is Airlord?

The name Airlord inspires vivacity, responsibility and empowerment.

Which animal is EKUN in English?

In it, the author mentioned that one of the names Yoruba call leopard is ekun.

What is cricket called in Yoruba?

Yoruba Translation. ere Kiriketi. More Yoruba words for cricket. a -ntete noun. cricket.

What is Yoruba name of Toad?

toad. More Yoruba words for toad. Ọpọlọ noun.

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