Best answer: Is Lagos the largest state in Nigeria?

As of 2021, the largest city of Nigeria is Lagos, which is also the largest city in whole Sub-Saharan Africa. This city counts nine million inhabitants, whereas the Nigerian city with the second largest population is Kano, in the North-West, with 3.6 million inhabitants.

Which state is the largest and biggest in Nigeria?

Niger. Niger State is situated in Central Nigeria. It is the largest state in Nigeria according to land mass, occupying a space of 76,363 square kilometers, and a population of 3,950,249. The state capital is Minna, and other major cities are Bida Kontagora and Suleja.

Which state is the most beautiful state in Nigeria?

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria

  • Enugu. …
  • Rivers State. …
  • Delta State. …
  • Kaduna State. …
  • Cross River State. …
  • Akwa Ibom State. …
  • Ondo State. A Southwestern state with a rich landscape for agriculture and beautiful topography. …
  • Imo State. Owerri the state capital is said to be the glory of the East.

Which local government is the richest in Lagos State?

1. Lagos Island LGA. Lagos island which is popularly known as Isale-Eko is the richest local government area in Nigeria and it is located in the southwestern part of the country.

Is Lagos richer than Ghana?

The economic output of Lagos is estimated at $91 billion, which would place the city as the 7th top economy on the continent if it were a country. Meaning, Lagos is richer than Ghana but not bigger in land mass. … “I can’t really say Ghanaians hate Nigerians.

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Which state has the smallest population in Nigeria?

The Smallest States in Nigeria and Their Population

  • Bayelsa State | 1,703,358.
  • Nasarawa State | 1,863,275.
  • Ebonyi State | 2,173,501.
  • Taraba State | 2,300,736.
  • Yobe State | 2,321,591.
  • Gombe State | 2,353,879.
  • Kwara State | 2,371,089.
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