Best answer: How much is Samsung A51 5g in Kenya?

Sensors & Connectivity
Sensors Fingerprint, Accelerometer, Proximity, Gyro, Compass
Connectivity USB Type-C, USB 2.0, USB OTG, WiFi hotspot, WiFi direct, Dual-band WiFi, GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
Price in Kenya KSh 33,999

What is the price of Samsung Galaxy A51 5G?

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G smartphone price in India is likely to be Rs 37,999. Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is speculated to be launched in the country on August 10, 2020 (Expected).

Is Samsung A51 5G worth buying?

The Galaxy A51 quickly cemented its position as a phone that you can’t really go wrong with. It’s a great mid-range phone and with all of the improvements that the 5G variant brings, it has become even better. At this price, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy A51 5G.

Is the Samsung A51 5G waterproof?

The A51 edged a slight win in low light, racking in a little more detail. … It’s IP67-rated water-resistant, has wireless charging (two things Samsung has pioneered for years, yet the A51 does not include), the same processor as the one in Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 for superior performance, and packs a solid camera.

Does Samsung A51 have wireless charging?

Q: Does The Samsung Galaxy A51 Have Wireless Charging? The Samsung Galaxy A51 device might be a very recent Samsung phone (released at the beginning of 2020) but it does not have wireless charging. Unfortunately, none of the devices in the A-series have wireless charging.

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What’s the difference between Samsung A51 and A51 5G?

A51 is a 4G unit and the A51 5G is a 5G unit. This has to do with the speed and bandwidth your service provider can deliver. oh BTW… it costs more for phone and the service.

Is A51 still worth?

The smartphone is still competitive in some aspects including the screen quality and the decent performance of its 48 MP quad-camera module. Samsung’s 4-year software support makes the Galaxy A51 more durable than almost all of its competitors released this year at the same price.

How can I use Samsung A51 5G?

To turn on the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, press and hold the Bixby button on the side of the device. Note: Make sure the battery is sufficiently charged to complete the activation of your Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, at least 20% is recommended.

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