Best answer: How do I register my marriage in Uganda?

How much is a marriage certificate in Uganda?


Service Details Foreign Applications (Usd)
Civil Marriages File notice of marriage $10
Display of notice on notice board FREE
Celebration of marriage $150
Issuing of marriage certificate $25

How do I register a customary marriage in Uganda?

Filing Customary Marriage Returns

  1. Cover letter from the sub -county chief of the sub county where the marriage took place.
  2. A duly filled Form B (marriage certificate in the Format prescribed by law) signed and stamped by the sub county chief/ or certified copy of the same.
  3. Evidence of payments made in the bank.

Where can I get marriage certificate in Uganda?

Customary Marriages are registered with the Sub-County Chief/Town Clerk who issues a Customary Certificate. The Sub-County chief/Townclerk is the Registrar of Marriages in the respective district where the marriage took place.

What is customary marriage in Uganda?

A customary marriage is one celebrated in accordance with the rites of an African community to which one of the parties is a member. … The law of the Republic of Uganda provides for a customary marriage between parties to be registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB).

Who can marry under special marriage?

The Special Marriage Act, 1954 is an Act of the Parliament of India with provision for civil marriage for people of India and all Indian nationals in foreign countries, irrespective of religion or faith followed by either party.

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Do we need marriage certificate for passport?

A marriage certificate is no longer required while applying for a passport (along with the annexure K) for a married individual. In addition, the applicant doesn’t have to provide his/her spouse name.

How do you get married fast?

How to Get Married in a Hurry

  1. Come up with a budget. …
  2. Plan the ceremony and reception. …
  3. Find an officiant. …
  4. Send out invitations and create a wedding website. …
  5. Form a bridal party. …
  6. Figure out what you’ll wear. …
  7. Book a photographer, musicians, florist, and baker. …
  8. Order the rings.

What validates a customary marriage?

Requirements for a valid customary marriage

The prospective spouses must both be above the age of 18 years; They must both consent to be married to each other under customary law; and. The marriage must be negotiated and entered into or celebrated in accordance with customary law.

How do I register a customary marriage?

To register a customary marriage, a couple must go to an office of the Department of Home Affairs. At least one witness for each of the partners, or a representative from each of the families must also be present.

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