Your question: Which country in Africa has the cheapest data?

Sub-Saharan Africa region has six out of the ten most expensive countries in the world for 1GB of mobile data. The five cheapest countries in the region in terms of the average cost of 1GB of mobile data are Sudan ($0.27), Somalia ($0.60), Ghana ($0.66), Lybia ($0.74), and Tanzania ($0.75).

Which country have cheapest data plan?

Israel has the cheapest mobile data in the world, with one gigabyte (1GB) of data costing an average of just $0.05 USD.

Which country has the fastest internet in Africa?

Tunisia, the study’s highest-ranking African country, has download speeds that are almost twice as fast as those of Israel, the study’s highest ranking country. The average price per gigabyte in Tunisia though is 65 times that of a gigabyte in Israel.

How much does data cost in Africa?

Only in America is mobile data more expensive

The costs are a challenge for most Africans. On average, African providers charge $3.30 per gigabyte, as shown by a worldwide survey by British provider Cable UK. Only the American continent has higher prices.

Which country has free Internet?

Top 20 Countries With Free Wifi

  • USA. Suggested Read: 10 Destinations In U.S.A For That Perfect American Honeymoon! …
  • Canada. …
  • Portugal. …
  • Sweden. …
  • Germany. …
  • Latvia. …
  • Switzerland. …
  • Finland.
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Which country has slowest Internet?

South Sudan has the slowest broadband in the world with an average speed of just 0.58Mbps.

What country has the fastest internet 2020?

Fastest Internet In The World – Median Download Speeds 2020

Rank Country Download Speed (Mbps)
1 Liechtenstein 199.28
2 Hong Kong 112.32
3 Denmark 107.78
4 Switzerland 93.60

Which country has the most expensive Internet in Africa?

Further breakdown of the report puts Equatorial Guinea as the country with the most expensive mobile data ($49.67) in 230th place. It is followed by Saint Helena ($39.87), São Tomé and Príncipe ($30.97), Malawi ($25.46), Chad ($23.33) and Namibia ($22.37) at the bottom of the table.

Which country has the most expensive internet?

South Africa Has The Most Expensive Internet In The World –…

  • 100 Mbps ought to be enough for anybody. The comfort of using the internet depends on many factors. …
  • Internet for up to $20 a month. …
  • Space speed.
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