You asked: Which countries in Africa have giraffes?

The South African giraffe ranges from west to east across southern eastern Angola; northern Botswana; southern Mozambique; northern South Africa; south- western Zambia; and eastern and southern Zimbabwe.

Does Africa have giraffes?

About 13,000 animals are estimated to remain in the wild; and about 20 are kept in zoos. The South African giraffe (G. c. giraffa) is found in northern South Africa, southern Botswana, southern Zimbabwe, and southwestern Mozambique.

Are giraffes mean?

Giraffes, which are the tallest mammals in the world, are not usually aggressive but have been known to go on the attack if they feel threatened. Their main weapon is their head, which they swing at enemies like a wrecking ball.

Does Nigeria have tigers?

No, there are no tigers in Nigeria. There have never been any tigers in Nigeria.

Are they Lions in Nigeria?

Formerly widespread across northern Nigeria, today lions survive in only two sites in the country: Kainji Lake National Park and Yankari Game Reserve. More than 90% of the lion’s original range has now been lost across Africa. … This has led to some populations becoming small and isolated, especially in West Africa.

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