You asked: Is Apple TV plus available in South Africa?

The service will launch on Friday, 1 November in America and 100 countries, including South Africa. A monthly subscription will cost $4.99 (R73. 17).

Can you get Apple TV in South Africa?

Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming subscription service, launched in South Africa and around the world last Friday.

How do I get Apple TV plus on my TV?

Watch Apple TV+ on the Apple TV app, which is already on your favorite Apple devices. Just open the app, click or tap Apple TV+, and enjoy the shows and movies. You can also watch Apple TV+ on streaming platforms, popular smart TVs, and AirPlay-enabled TVs with the Apple TV app — or watch online at

Is Apple TV plus available worldwide?

Apple TV Plus is available in 107 countries around the world.

What can I watch on Apple TV South Africa?

Series and movies to stream on Apple TV+ in South Africa

  • Ted Lasso S1. IMDB rating: 8.7/10. …
  • Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry (2021) IMDB rating: 7.9/10. …
  • Bruce Springsteen’s Letter To You (2020) IMDB rating: 7.4/10. …
  • On the Rocks (2020) …
  • Trying S1. …
  • Ghostwriter S1. …
  • The Morning Show S1. …
  • Beastie Boys Story (2020)
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How much is Amazon Prime in South Africa?

The Prime Video membership costs $2.99 per month for the first six months (about R40/month), after which membership renews at a price of $5,99/month (about R82/month).

What streaming services are available in South Africa?

BritBox will join South Africa’s video streaming wars where MultiChoice’s Showmax, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ are competing with VIU, Vodacom Video Play and TelkomONE. Other international streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+, Peacock and Discovery+ are still to launch locally.

What does Apple TV+ include?

Apple TV+ is a streaming service featuring Apple Originals — award-winning series, compelling dramas, groundbreaking documentaries, kids’ entertainment, comedies and more — with new Apple Originals added every month.

Is anything free on Apple TV?

Many Apple TV channels offer completely free content, with no strings attached. For a complete list, description and price of every Apple TV channel, read “Apple TV Channels”. If you’re looking for a quick reference of Apple TV channel costs, check out “Apple TV Channels by Cost”.

How do I activate free Apple TV?

To activate your Apple TV+ subscription, you should:

  1. Turn on your eligible device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, or Mac.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Open the TV app on your eligible device.
  4. Tap Enjoy 1 Year Free on the main page of an Apple TV+ show.

Is Apple TV plus region locked?

You can use the Apple TV app on your Apple TV as well as iPhone and iPad. The Apple TV app is only available in the following countries and regions: United States.

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Can I use my Apple TV in another country?

Answer: A: The set-top box itself will work in many countries. – You may be able to access the iTunes Store for movies from across the border. Apple doesn’t consider this acceptable for long term, and asks that you change region for your account.

Can you use Apple TV outside US?

Apparently, the Apple TV app isn’t available outside the US so you have to perform this process in order to be able to download it. To do it successfully, you either have to configure your router to use the US VPN server or use your VPN provider’s app before visiting iTunes on your device.

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