Why did Rwanda and Burundi join the East African Community?

How did Rwanda and Burundi join EAC?

7 July 2000: Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community enters into force; new regional organisation, the East African Community, comes into being. … 18 June 2007: The Republic of Rwanda and the Republic of Burundi accede to EAC Treaty. 1 July 2007: Rwanda and Burundi become full members of the EAC.

Which countries are in EAC?

The East African Community (EAC) is the regional intergovernmental organisation of the Republics of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Burundi with its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

What are the benefits of East African Community?

Benefits of the EAC Integration

  • A wider market with a combined population of over 160million people and GDP of about US$170billion.
  • Freedoms under Common Market.
  • Safeguarding the region from international economic shocks.
  • A Common External Tariff in place to protect the community’s domestic industries.

What are the challenges of East African Community?

Constraints and challenges of the EAC Agriculture sector

  • Poor Governance.
  • Inadequate legal and regulatory framework.
  • Insecurity.
  • Inadequate access to productive resources.
  • Inadequate participation of local communities.
  • Poor physical infrastructure and utilities.
  • Weak institutional framework.
  • Low public expenditure.
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