Why did France colonize in North Africa?

French North Africa (French: Afrique du Nord française) is the term often applied to the territories controlled by France in the North African Maghreb during the colonial era. … Seeking to expand their influence beyond Algeria, the French established protectorates to the east and west of it.

Why did France colonize so much of Africa?

Introduction. France started colonizing West Africa early and most of those countries only became independent in the 20th century. The main goal of colonizing West Africa was that they wanted to turn West African countries into a “French-state”. … The French colonization changed the African culture.

When did France take over North Africa?

With the decay of the Ottoman Empire, in 1830 the French invaded and seized Algiers. This began the colonization of French North Africa, which expanded to include Tunisia in 1881 and Morocco in 1912.

Why did the French want to gain control of North Africa?

Why did the French want to gain control of North Africa? The French wanted to gain North Africa to expand their empire and they occupied Algiers (a Muslim state of the Ottoman empire) in 1830. … The French, in 1881, found a weak excuse to stage a military action against Tunis, which became a French protectorate.

How Much Does France make from Africa?

It is estimated that France now holds nearly $500 billion of African countries’ money in its treasury and will do anything to keep it. Moreover, the African countries do not have access to this money.

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Are there still French colonies?

A full 72 countries were part of France at one time or another. … But like other European colonial powers, the French empire never disappeared entirely. Today, you can find the vestiges of the French Empire in islands and territories located around the world.

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