Who owns Plus TV Africa?

Plus TV Africa is a Nigerian pan-African news channel owned by General News and Entertainment Company and broadcast across Africa via the StarTimes dish platform, on DSTV Channel 408 from 3 April 2020, and on its YouTube channel.

Is Plus TV on GOTV?

GOTV Plus Channel List. GOTV Plus is the 3rd bouquet on our list with 68 channels and it costs N1900/month and N22800/year.

How do I get TV Plus?

You can find the Samsung TV Plus app by turning on the television and heading to the Samsung TV Plus icon on the home screen – it should be on the far left, in a fixed position rather than mixed with the third-party apps.

How old is TV Africa?

TV Africa is the first private fully owned Ghanaian free to air television station that has been consistent and has a credible brand for over 20 years.

TV Africa.

Country Ghana
Headquarters Accra
Language(s) Ga,Twi,English, (UK)

Does directv have the Africa Channel?

We are delighted that you opted to have Africa’s first global TV network as part of your Direct TV channel package; if ANTV is not already listed in your local Direct TV channel line-up, please complete the form below to request to have ANTV channel included in your local Direct TV channel listing.

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