Who bought Bugatti in Africa?

Its no surprise when a Bugatti Veyron worth ₦804 million brand new turned heads recently after being spotted at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Zambia on Monday. According to sources, the hypercar is owned by South African-based Zimbabwean businessman Ian Chamunorwa Nyarungwe Haruper.

Is there a Bugatti in Zambia?

Lusaka, Zambia – The ultra-rare, limited edition edition Bugatti Veyron that made waves on social media after being imported into Zambia earlier this week has been seized by the country’s Drug Enforcement Commission. … The Bugatti appears to be a Sang Nior special edition Veyron, of which only 12 were ever made.

Is removing catalytic converters illegal in South Africa?

In the pursuit of performance, owners have changed exhaust systems entirely or have resorted to removing the catalytic converter. The CAT is there to reduce toxic emissions which produce CO2 gasses. While this does improve performance, it is technically illegal.

How much is a Bugatti in Zambia?

A $3m Bugatti Veyron has caused a stir in Zambia, the fifth hungriest country in the world. No sooner had the luxurious car landed at Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Monday on a commercial plane, than its pictures were shared on social media including Twitter exciting netizens.

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