Where are the Ashanti located in Africa?

Asante, also spelled Ashanti, people of south-central Ghana and adjacent areas of Togo and Côte d’Ivoire. Most of the Asante live in a region centred on the city of Kumasi, which was the capital of the former independent Asante state.

Which part of Ghana is Ashanti Region?

The Ashanti Region is located in the middle portion of Ghana, approximately within longitudes 0.15O E and 2.25O W and latitudes 5.50O N and 7.46O S. It shares boundaries with Bono East Region to the North, Western Region to the West, Eastern Region to the East and Central Region to the South.

What does Ashanti mean in African?

African. Derived from the Kiswahili word asante, meaning “thank you“. Ashanti is a region in central Ghana. The traditional inhabitants of the region are known as Ashanti people.

How were slaves captured in Africa?

Some of those enslaved were captured directly by the British traders. Enslavers ambushed and captured local people in Africa. Most slave ships used British ‘factors’, men who lived full-time in Africa and bought enslaved people from local leaders.

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