When last did South Africa have a earthquake?

Date and time Mag Depth Map
2021-08-01 00:43:01 SAST (GMT+02:00) (31 Jul 2021 22:43:01 GMT) 2 weeks ago 3.3 10 km Map
2021-07-31 19:59:46 SAST (GMT+02:00) (31 Jul 2021 17:59:46 GMT) 2 weeks ago 2.5 10 km Map
Fri, 30 Jul 2021 (GMT) (8 earthquakes)

When was the last earthquake in South Africa?

20th and 21st century

Date Time (SAST) Epicentre
5 August 2014 12:22 Near Orkney, North West
22 August 2014 1:14 Near Orange Farm, Gauteng
31 October 2019 13:20 Near Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal
26 September 2020 19:10 1600 km SE of South Africa

Is South Africa prone to earthquakes?

South Africa is not famous as an earthquake hotspot. But the country is not immune and an earthquake can be every bit as devastating as a Los Angeles quake, seismologists in South Africa are quick to point out. The stable tectonic setting of South Africa means that large earthquakes have been comparatively rare.

Has there ever been a tsunami in South Africa?

In South Africa, there is a significant lack of recorded information on tsunamis that have affected the country and, currently, only five events have been identified as tsunamis (Table 1). The most recent event, attributed to the 2004 mega-transoceanic tsunami, affected parts of the eastern coast of Africa.

What caused the earthquake in Cape Town 2020?

A tremor felt in Cape Town on Saturday night was caused by a 2.5 magnitude earthquake roughly 10 km north of Malmesbury, the Council for Geoscience said. The Council for Geoscience has confirmed that there was a second earthquake in Cape Town on Sunday with a 2.3 magnitude.

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