What role did geography play in the early African kingdoms quizlet?

What role did geography play in the early African kingdom?

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What role did geography play in the early African kingdoms? Mineral deposits brought wealth and power. These natural resources were important to the Kingdom of Mali. … Gaining their independence and establishing multiparty political systems solved Africa’s economic and government problems.

What role did geography play in these African civilization?

Geography played an enormous role in sculpting the ancient civilizations of Africa. It was the Nile River, and its enormous annual flooding, which paved the way for widespread agriculture and complex civilization to thrive in Egypt.

How did geography affect early African kingdoms quizlet?

How did geography affect early African kingdoms? Natural resources brought wealth and power. What is the main reason Europe colonized Africa?

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How did geography affect trade in Africa?

How did geography affect West Africa? There were so many different geographical features, so Africans were forced to trade for what they needed. … They charged fees for trading activity and used their money to expand. More people came to live in the city, so they gave out more jobs.

How did geography impact life in West Africa?

Geography and Trade Geography was a major factor in the development of West African societies. Settled communities grew south of the Sahara, where the land permitted farming. Geography also influenced trading patterns. Communities traded with one another for items they could not produce locally.

Why did people in West Africa choose to live in villages?

Extended families formed villages to help control flooding rivers, to farm the land, to mine for iron or gold, or for protection.

What role did geography play in the development in West Africa?

The empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai were located in areas that were conducive to the development of great empires. These empires covered a large extension of land with very different weather and ecosystems, including the Sahara desert and the thick jungles south of the Niger River.

What are some regions in Africa where early civilizations developed?

Four major areas of civilization emerged in early Africa: the grasslands south of the Sahara, western Africa, the northern desert regions, and eastern Africa.

What are three ways that Islam had an impact on West Africa?


Islam promoted trade between West Africa and the Mediterranean. The religion developed and widened the trans-Saharan Caravan trade. The trade enriched the West African and the Muslim traders. Muslims from North Africa came in their numbers and settled in the commercial centres.

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How did geography affect trade along Africa’s coasts in ancient times quizlet?

Farmers in the forests along the coasts would trade with farmers in the south savannahs and with the herders in the sahel. In time, salt and gold made the trade routes even bigger. … The people in the forests could grow taro, yams, and kola and trade it for gold and sold.

How were early African kingdoms affected by geography Brainly?

Desertification extended the growing season. The Great Rift protected them from attack. Natural resources brought wealth and power.

What impact did geography have on Africa?

The geography of Africa helped to shape the history and development of the culture and civilizations of Ancient Africa. The geography impacted where people could live, important trade resources such as gold and salt, and trade routes that helped different civilizations to interact and develop.

Why was salt an important item of trade in Africa?

The people who lived in the desert of North Africa could easily mine salt, but not gold. … They craved the precious metal that would add so much to their personal splendor and prestige. These mutual needs led to the establishment of long-distance trade routes that connected very different cultures.

How did geography affect early traders?

Traders had to use geographic anomalies so they could trade with people from other lands. To cross these land routes it was essential that enough water was available for the people and animals to use. Thus, water, in the form of oases, were vital resources along even the most remote, land-based trade routes.

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