What rhetorical devices are used in On Being Brought from Africa to America?

Wheatley makes use of several literary devices in ‘On Being Brought from Africa to America’. These include but are not limited to personification, allusion, and alliteration. The first, personification, is seen in the first lines in which the poet says it was “mercy” that brought her to America.

What is the irony in on being brought from Africa to America?

We do not think of slavery as a Christian concept. Furthermore, “sable race” describes the Africans and likens them to the devil, “diabolic die.” Again, this irony shows the Africans being described as evil merely because of their skin color.

What is the imagery of On Being Brought from Africa to America?

In “On Being Brought from Africa to America,” the speaker argues that Christian teachings have led her to reject racism on the grounds that all people are equal in the eyes of God. … After Cain was punished by God for this offense, God then showed mercy by offering Cain protection from his own untimely death.

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What is the main message of On Being Brought from Africa to America?

Major Themes in “On Being Brought from Africa to America”: Mercy, racism and divinity are the major themes of this poem. Throughout the poem, the speaker talks about God’s mercy and the indifferent attitude of the people toward the African-American community.

What does Refin D mean?

“Refin’d” is an interesting word choice, too. If we dig a little deeper, “free of impurities” can imply God’s colorblindness to offering salvation.

How does Wheatley use sarcasm in her poem on being brought from Africa to America?

In her poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America” she addresses her audience to the matter of race. As previously mentioned, people view this poem as being sarcastic to its readers. … She reminds her readers that through Christianity everyone is viewed the same no matter what color, gender, or age they were.

What is the paradox in the poem on being brought from Africa to America?

Paradox in the first stanza: Phillis described her enslavement as a means of her salvation. Thus, she was brought to America so that her soul could be saved. Those who enslaved her, saved her.

What kind of poem is on being brought from Africa to America?

Heroic Couplets in Iambic Pentameter

“On Being Brought” is written in heroic couplets. They were the in-thing for all the poets back in Wheatley’s day. Basically, she rhymed, she wrote in iambic pentameter, and her poetic style was all about reason, form, and restraint.

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Who is speaker in the poem?

Definition: In poetry, the speaker is the voice behind the poem—the person we imagine to be saying the thing out loud. It’s important to note that the speaker is not the poet. Even if the poem is biographical, you should treat the speaker as a fictional creation because the writer is choosing what to say about himself.

What does Wheatley says brought her from Africa to America?

‘On Being Brought from Africa to America’ by Phillis Wheatley is a simple poem about the power of Christianity to bring people to salvation. In the lines of this piece, Wheatley addresses all those who see her and other enslaved people as less because of their skin tone.

What is a diabolic die?

showing cunning or ingenuity or wickedness. “Their colour is a diabolic die.”

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