What is the western most point of Africa?

Cape Verde Peninsula, French Presqu’île du Cap Vert, peninsula in west-central Senegal that is the westernmost point of the African continent.

What is the most western point?

Extreme Points of the United States (50 States)

Distance 1
Extreme point Latitude km
Easternmost point: West Quoddy Head, Maine 4449′ N 2,997
Southernmost point: Ka Lae (South Cape), Hawaii 1855′ N 5,573
Westernmost point: Cape Wrangell, Alaska (Attu Island) 5255′ N 5,833

What is the extreme point of Africa?

In the south, Africa is like in the west. No islands beyond the southernmost tip of the mainland. So, here we have only one extreme point. It is in South Africa and is called Cape Agulhas.

Is Alaska or Hawaii further west?

The state farthest west is Alaska!

It might surprise you to learn that Alaska is the most western state, especially when considering how far west Hawaii lies from the Continental U.S. An island named Attu located at the very tip of the Aleutian Island chain is the most western point in the entire country.

Why is Africa so flat?

One hypothesis is that a collision between Africa and another oceanic plate occurred around 250 million years ago. The collision upheaved these layers. The apparent flat appearance of the top of the mountain probably reflects the original sedimentary layers.

How Africa is divided?

Africa is the world’s second largest continent in area. … The UN Statistics Division has subdivided the African continent into five regions, Northern Africa, Central or Middle Africa , Southern Africa, East Africa, and Western Africa.

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Which country in Africa is the farthest south?

A quick guide to South Africa, the Southernmost country of Africa

  • Cape Point nature reserve is a one hour drive from Cape Town, on the southeast corner of the Cape Peninsula. …
  • The Cape Peninsula near Cape Town is sometimes called the Cape of Storms.
  • Panorama of Johannesburg, City of Gold, at dusk.
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