What is the effect of the current drought in South Africa on environmental impact?

Lack of food and drinking water for wild animals. Increase in disease in wild animals, because of reduced food and water supplies. Migration of wildlife.

How droughts affect South Africa?

At a national level, drought ripples across sectors and impacts on a range of activities. On a national scale, drought in South Africa results in a reduction in the yield of the maize crop with yields falling to below 1 ton per hectare (Fig, 4).

What are the effects of drought in Africa?

The effects of drought are exacerbated by conflict in the region and can lead to repeated displacement, deaths, increased vulnerability to harmful practices like FGM, loss of education, increased exposure to risks such as recruitment into the armed groups, etc.

What are the causes and effects of drought in South Africa?

Drought in South Africa caused by El Niño, human action and climate change. The present drought in Cape Town has been caused by extremely poor rainfall in recent months, with the result that the water supplies are under enormous pressure.

What are the negative impacts of drought on the farmers of South Africa?

The impact of lower rainfall has negative effects on the agricultural sector, resulting in decrease in agricultural activities, loss of livestock, shortage of drinking water, low yields and shortage of seeds for subsequent cultivation in the district. The lowest average annual rainfall recorded was 438 mm in 1992.

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What are the main causes of drought in southern Africa?

One of the main causes of drought in South Africa is the variability in rainfall (Mason and Tyson, 2000; Tyson and Preston-Whyte, 2000 and Vogel et al., 2000). The El Niño phenomenon accounts for approximately thirty percent of rainfall variability (Tyson and Preston-Whyte, 2000).

How can we prevent drought in South Africa?

Protection and use of springs; Cloud seeding; Evaporation suppression; Desalination of brackish groundwater or sea water; and Effluent treatment and re-use. Developing and integrating other sources like groundwater, desalination and re-use, etc., with surface systems also to enhance water security.

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