What color represents Africa?

Although the meaning of the individual colors used in a country’s flag may differ from country to country; the countries of the flags that make use of the Pan-African colors have similar meaning with green representing the unique nature of the continent having good land for agriculture, red representing the blood, and …

What colour represents Africa?

Black: for the people whose existence as a nation, though not a nation-state, is affirmed by the existence of the flag; Green: the abundant and vibrant natural wealth of Africa, the Motherland. Since its existence, a number of African nations have adopted the colors as a symbol of sovereignty and unity.

What is the national colour of Africa?


Country Primary colours Further information
South Africa Red, green, blue, gold, black and white National colours of South Africa
South Sudan Black, red, green, blue, yellow and white
Sudan Red, white, black and green
Tanzania Green, yellow, blue and black

What is the color of hope?

Blue signifies the blue skies or the life-giving air and often signifies hope or good health. It is an alternate color for the season of Advent.

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