What are the big five banks in South Africa?

What is the number 1 bank in South Africa?

Top 5 Banks in South Africa

Rank Bank Total Assets, US$b
1 Standard Bank Group 172.825
2 FirstRand Ltd 133.035
3 Absa Group Ltd 104.470
4 Nedbank Group Ltd 83.797

Which bank is the best in South Africa 2021?

Best Banks In South Africa 2021 Edition

  • Standard Bank. …
  • Absa Group Limited. …
  • FirstRand Bank Group. …
  • Nedbank Group. …
  • Capitec Banking Group. …
  • Investec Bank Limited. …
  • African Bank Limited. …
  • Grindrod Limited.

What is the best savings account in South Africa?

10 Best Savings Accounts

  • ✔️FNB Fluid Youth Account.
  • Standard Bank PureSave Savings Account.
  • FNB Savings Account.
  • ABSA Savings Account.
  • African Bank Fixed Deposits Account.
  • Capitec Savings Account.
  • Nedbank 32-Day Notice Savings Account.
  • Investec Prime Saver.

What is the richest bank in Africa?

Top Banks in Africa

Rank Bank Total Assets, US$bn
1 Standard Bank Group 184.518
2 Absa Group 97.241
3 FirstRand 94.144
4 Nedbank Group 80.110

Is FNB a good bank?

Overall bank rating

Little distinguishes First National Bank from other banks, and that’s both good and bad. Its fees aren’t particularly high, but neither are its savings rates. Its online banking platform has all the basics but little else.

Which bank gives highest interest per month?

Interest rates on Monthly Income FD Schemes

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Top banks monthly income FD interest rates
Bank Interest rate Tenure range
Kotak Mahindra Bank 4.50% to 5.25% 365 days to 389 days
IDFC FIRST Bank 5.25% to 7.00% 181 days to less than 1 year
Union Bank of India 4.50% 181 days to less than 1 year

Which bank has the most ATMs in South Africa?

South African banking shootout – Branches and ATMs

Number of branches and ATMs at major banks
Bank New branches and/or kiosks Total branches and/or kiosks
Absa 619
Capitec 12 852
FNB 14 (3 years) 600
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