What animals are on South African money?

Since the peaceful transition to full democratic rule in the early 1990s, banknotes have been adorned with colourful images of wildlife; they include the rhinoceros (10-rand note), elephant (20-rand note), lion (50-rand note), buffalo (100-rand note), and leopard (200-rand note).

What animal is on the 20c coin South Africa?

South Africa’s national flower, the king protea, is featured on the nickel 20c coin. On the reverse side of 20c coins dated 1965 to 1969 is a portrait of Dutch colonial administrator Jan van Riebeeck.

Additional information.

Location South Africa
Animal gemsbok, lion, springbok, wildebeests

How much cash can you legally keep at home South Africa?

There is no legal limit to how much you cash you keep on hand – you will most likely have to show how you legally came to have that much cash and that you declared it on ypur taxes.

How many rands is 1000 cents?

CENTERCOIN (CENT) to Rand (ZAR) Conversion Table

1000 CENTERCOIN (CENT) 7.79 Rand (ZAR)
2000 CENTERCOIN (CENT) 15.58 Rand (ZAR)
3000 CENTERCOIN (CENT) 23.37 Rand (ZAR)
4000 CENTERCOIN (CENT) 31.16 Rand (ZAR)

What does full rand value mean?

Sample 3. Based on 9k documents. 9k. rand value means the total estimated value of a contract in South African currency, calculated at the time of bid invitations, and includes all applicable taxes and excise duties; Sample 2.

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