Quick Answer: Where do I report corrupt police in South Africa?

You must open a case at your nearest police station and only report to the IPID Office if the police fail to assist you. Find out more about lodging a complaint or contact the Independent Police Investigative Directorate on 012 399 0000.

How do I report a corrupt police officer?

The SAPS has a Service Complaints Centre: 0800 333 177. In the Western Cape there is also a police ombudsman. The ombudsman deals with matters affecting relations between the police and any community (Tel: 021 483 0669; Email: ombudsman@wcpo.gov.za).

How do I contact Bheki Cele?

Minister: Bheki Cele, Gen

Street Address: 231 Pretorius Street, 756-7th floor Wachthuis Building, PRETORIA, 0002. 9th Floor 120 Plein Street, Parliament, Cape Town, 8000.

What to do if police is not helping?

File a Writ Petition in the High Court – With the help of a lawyer, you may also file a writ petition in the High Court of your state if the police officer refuses to take action or file your complaint. This will oblige the police officer(s) to show cause or reasons for not filing your complaint.

How do I make a complaint about a police investigation?

How to make a complaint. To make a complaint (or to request a review of how your complaint was handled) please complete a document complaint form (124 KB) and email it to public.complaints@nca.gov.uk. You may ask to speak directly with a member of staff who will be able to talk you through the process.

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How do I complain about my local police?

You can complain in the following ways.

  1. In person at the police station.
  2. Use an online complaint form. You can complain on your local police website. The form to use is through the below link. …
  3. By post. Send your complaint form to the police station you are complaining about. Or the IOPC.

Do police call from mobile numbers?

No. They could call from a mobile or office number or the caller I.D may be withheld. There’s no way to be sure before answering the call unless you had every phone number in the police station listed in your phone (highly unlikely), you have no way of knowing.

Who does Bheki Cele report to?

About Bheki Cele

He is a member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress, and formerly served as MEC for Transport, Community Safety Liaison in KwaZulu-Natal.

Can you sue the police for not protecting you?

Citizens can also sue police officers when the latter cause emotional distress negligently, rather than intentionally or recklessly. … But in order for there to be potential liability for negligently caused emotional distress, the officer must owe a “duty of care” to the citizen.

What happens when someone files a complaint?

After a complaint has been filed, it is reviewed to determine whether the complaint is legally sufficient to warrant discipline. … If probable cause is not found, the complaint will be dismissed. When probable cause is found, the Department’s legal office conducts a full investigation.

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