Is urbanization in West Africa Good or bad?

Is urbanization good for West Africa?

Investing in cities is central to securing the next stage of Africa’s development says a new World Bank report, “Harnessing Urbanization to End Poverty and Boost Prosperity in Africa.” Cities are engines of economic growth, already accounting for more than two-thirds of the economic output in most developed countries …

Why is urbanization good for West Africa?

The economic benefits of urbanization include agglomeration economies that raise workers’ and businesses’ productivity through enhanced resource sharing, quicker and better job matching, faster knowledge spillovers, infrastructure access, public goods, and lower transaction costs.

Why is urbanization bad in West Africa?

Negative Effects of Rapid Urbanisation in Africa

electricity supply, poor access to water supplies, little sanitation and insecure living conditions.

How does urbanization in West Africa improve education?

Urbanization improves access to basic education for all. Expanding education systems in urban areas is easier and costs less than in rural areas. Thus Africa’s rapid urbanization is expected to increase enrollment, especially at primary level. … This rate is 55.2% for areas with an urbanization rate between 50% and 90%.

How will Urbanization in West Africa help the economy?

Urbanization is a key feature of the structural transformation that drives economic growth in low- income economies. As countries urbanize, workers move from rural to urban areas in search of more productive and better-paid jobs. … City growth both contributes to and benefits from national economic growth.

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