Is South Africa running out of water?

South Africa is one of the world’s driest countries and demand for water continues to climb. According to the WWF, demand is set to reach 17.7 billion m³ by 2030 – up from 13.4 billion m³ in 2016 – outstripping what the country is able to allocate.

Is there still a water shortage in South Africa?

South Africa’s water scarcity still persists

While the Department of Water and Sanitation has committed to supplying the region with water trucks for two months, a bigger budget and a sustainable plan is needed in order to alleviate the problem.

Is Cape Town still in a drought 2020?

Although some dam levels are increasing with rainfall , the Western Cape is still at risk and therefore the South African Weather Service (SAWS) has recommended that drought measures continue for the foreseeable future. … All the drought-related updates from the City of Cape Town can be found here.

How many South Africans have no running water?

Currently, 19 percent of the rural population lacks access to a reliable water supply and 33 percent do not have basic sanitation services [1]. While rural citizens suffer the most, over 26 percent of all schools (urban or rural), and 45 percent of clinics, have no water access either [1].

Is Cape Town safer than Johannesburg?

Cape Town has relatively high crime figures compared to Johannesburg. Sure, each city has its good and bad spots, but generally Cape Town is worse than Johannesburg. If you are a tourist visiting Cape Town, be extra vigilant. Try to avoid carrying high amounts of cash and use cards wherever possible.

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Is Cape Town water safe to drink?

The City of Cape Town announced that the precautionary water advisory, relating to the Atlantic Seaboard, has been lifted. After extensive sampling, it has been revealed that there is no health risk in the distribution system. The water is safe to drink. … “MIB is a nuisance compound, with no health impact.

Is Cape Town prone to drought?

Three consecutive dry winters (2015–2017) in southwestern South Africa (SSA) resulted in the Cape Town “Day Zero” drought in early 2018. … These results highlight the strong sensitivity of the drought risk in SSA to future anthropogenic emissions.

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