Is Namibia bigger than South Africa?

South Africa is approximately 1,219,090 sq km, while Namibia is approximately 824,292 sq km, making Namibia 67.62% the size of South Africa.

Is Namibia safer than South Africa?

Namibia is safer than South Africa (roads, crime, etc), but I say that with caution as you should use your head in any country. Windhoek is generally friendly, but obviously don’t flash your touristness about. Just be prepared for long distances……

What is the difference between South Africa and Namibia?

South Africa is a more family-friendly and varied destination than Namibia, and generally more affordable too. There is nothing in Namibia to compare to historic South African cities such as Cape Town or Stellenbosch (though the remote German-influenced port of Luderitz tries its best).

Is Namibia richer than South Africa?

Namibia vs South Africa: Economic Indicators Comparison

South Africa with a GDP of $368.3B ranked the 35th largest economy in the world, while Namibia ranked 127th with $14.5B. By GDP 5-years average growth and GDP per capita, South Africa and Namibia ranked 151st vs 117th and 95th vs 102nd, respectively.

Is Namibia bigger than Ghana?

Ghana is approximately 238,533 sq km, while Namibia is approximately 824,292 sq km, making Namibia 246% larger than Ghana. Meanwhile, the population of Ghana is ~29.3 million people (26.7 million fewer people live in Namibia).

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Why did South Africa leave Namibia?

In 1971, acting on a request for an Advisory Opinion from the United Nations Security Council, the ICJ ruled that the continued presence of South Africa in Namibia was illegal and that South Africa was under an obligation to withdraw from Namibia immediately.

How much does it cost to live in Namibia?

Summary of cost of living in Namibia

Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in expensive area 20,832 N$
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area 15,722 N$
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 2 people in 85m2 flat 4,784 N$

What is the crime rate in Namibia?

Crime rates in Namibia

Level of crime 73.06 High
Problem people using or dealing drugs 60.55 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 67.51 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 65.18 High
Problem corruption and bribery 80.16 Very High
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