How many pigs are in South Africa?

With slaughterings of less than three million pigs per year, South Africa accounts for about 0.2 percent of total world pork production and is regarded as a small pork producer in global terms.

How much pork is consumed in South Africa?

Meat Consumption in South Africa

South Africa consumes about 200 000 tonnes of pork meat (fresh and processed) per year. Our own production amounts to 182 000 ton (2.6 million slaughter pigs with an average carcass mass of 70 kg) and we import another 25 000 tonnes.

In global terms, pork is the most consumed meat, accounting for about 40 percent of the total global meat consumption. Comparatively, poultry and beef are the most consumed meats in South Africa, with pork accounting for about seven percent of the total South African meat consumption in 2016 (Table 2).

Do Africans eat pork?

Cattle, sheep, pigs and goats were regarded as a form of currency and a store of wealth, and are not generally consumed as food. In some areas, traditional East Africans consume the milk and blood of cattle, but rarely the meat.

How many pigs are killed in China every year?

Number of slaughtered pigs for meat

1970 1990
China 309,910
United States 87,052 85,391
Russia 40,654
Brazil 11,000 12,500

How are pigs slaughtered in South Africa?

According to the NSPCA, Pork Packers is the only abattoir in South Africa to use gas commercially to “stun” animals for food production. “The usual or standard practice in abattoirs is to stun the pigs electrically, rendering them unconscious immediately. As a result, the animal feels no pain.

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