How many people access the Internet in Africa?

Characteristic Number of internet users in millions
South Africa 34.55
Morocco 25.59
Algeria 25.43
Tanzania 23.14

What country in Africa has the best Internet?

On the fixed broadband speeds, Ghana ranked number one in Africa and 79th globally, with a speed of 53.28 Mbps. This means Ghana’s fixed broadband is the fastest in Africa. Ghana is followed by South Africa, which placed 85th in the world. Egypt ranked third in Africa.

Does Africa have high speed internet?

According to a 2020 report, there are 525 million internet users in Africa. … The list of countries with the highest broadband speed was recently ranked by Positive Africa, with data collected by The index ranks 207 countries for average fixed-line broadband internet speeds.

What country has the fastest internet 2020?

Fastest Internet In The World – Median Download Speeds 2020

Rank Country Download Speed (Mbps)
1 Liechtenstein 199.28
2 Hong Kong 112.32
3 Denmark 107.78
4 Switzerland 93.60

Which country has the cheapest Internet in Africa?

“In Sudan, the cost of mobile internet is $0.27, cheapest in Africa and fifth in the world. Algeria is second at $0.51 and Somalia third at $0.60. Tanzania has the cheapest data in East Africa at $0.75 for every gigabyte of data,” says the survey.

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What is the fastest Internet speed in South Africa?

In both reports, Johannesburg was revealed to have the fastest mean download speed for both mobile and fixed connections. The city achieved a mean download speed of 54.64 Mbps on mobile and 53.48 on fixed. Pretoria and Cape Town were second and third with mobile connections.

Which country has no internet?

Countries Without Internet Access

  • Belarus.
  • Burma.
  • China.
  • Cuba.
  • Egypt.
  • Iran.
  • North Korea.
  • Saudi Arabia.

Which country uses Tiktok the most?

Indonesia had the second largest user base during this period, with over 22 million monthly active users. Russia and Japan followed, with 16.4 million and 12.6 million monthly active users, respectively.

Number of TikTok users in selected countries in 2020 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of users in millions

What country uses Google the most?

Distribution of global online visitors to as of November 2018, by country

Characteristic Percentage of visitors
United States 27%
India 8.7%
Japan 4.6%
China 3.6%
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