How do I register for FET college in South Africa?

What is needed to register at TVET college?

These are the requirements needed when applying to a TVET college:

  • You must have a grade 9 certificate: Before applying to a TVET college, you must have completed grade 9.
  • You must be at least 16 years old: No applicants under the ages of 16 will be accepted.

What is a FET college in South Africa?

“Further Education and Training (FET) refers to education and training provided from Grades 10 to 12, including career-oriented education and training offered in technical colleges, community colleges and private colleges.

How do you check if FET college is registered?

1. Head on over to the Department of Education website to see whether the college is listed there. 2. Alternatively, you can email: to find out about a college and their status.

How do I register for training institute in South Africa?

The main steps in the accreditation process to become a SETA Accredited Training Provider:

  1. The Training Provider determines the primary focus.
  2. The SETA Quality Assurance Management Division requirements are compiled by the provider.
  3. The Training Provider completes and submits an online application form for accreditation.
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Can I do matric at TVET College?

TVET Colleges offer an opportunity to complete matric to people who have completed Grade 9 and there is usually no age restriction. … So if you are looking to complete matric you will just have to obtain an NCV Level 4 at a TVET College, which is on the same academic level of a Matric Certificate.

Is registration still open at Unisa?

Unisa will have only one registration period for the 2021 academic year, which means that you must register for all your modules for 2021 (semester 1 and 2 modules, pre-requisites, co-requisites, follow-on modules and year modules) before the closing date of 26 March 2021.

What is the difference between TVET and FET college?

FET includes grades 10–12 and is mainly focused on vocational and occupational aspects, including career-oriented training. In TVET, a student gets knowledge of a specific range of jobs or entrepreneurial opportunities. TVET colleges are public, and so their students are eligible for funding from the NSFAS.

What is the purpose of FET college?

Offering courses in a wide variety of fields, TVET or FET colleges focus on providing education and training to students in marketable and practical skills to allow them to qualify to do a myriad of jobs.

Is FET same as TVET?

TVET colleges – previously known as further education and training (FET) colleges – provide theoretical and practical training in these fields.

How do you confirm if a college is registered?

To ensure that you enrol with a reliable college, you have to:

  1. Check that the college you are interested in, is in fact registered by the Department of Education.
  2. Check that Umalusi or another Quality Council, such as a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), accredits the college.
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Is Skills Academy a registered college?

Accreditation Info

Accreditation shows that the course has been authorised by an official body like the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). … Skills Academy is a college that offers a range of accredited courses, short courses, professional institute courses and provider programmes.

How do I know if a course is accredited?

A course is accredited if it has been approved by a professional organization. For example, an architecture course might be accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects. If a course is accredited, it shows that it covers everything you need to know for a career in the relevant industry.

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