Frequent question: What makes the African wild dog special?

The African wild dog is one of the world’s most endangered mammals and can be identified by its long legs and irregular fur patterns. Wild dogs live in packs and are extremely social and known to help other members of the pack when weak or ill. The same goes for hunting, with up to 20 working together.

What is unique about African wild dogs?

African wild dogs are about the same size as a domestic Labrador. Their distinctive coats are mottled with black, brown, white and yellow, and each individual’s coat is unique, like a fingerprint! They have slim bodies, large round ears, black muzzles, long legs, and a tufted tail (usually with a white tip).

What will happen if African wild dogs go extinct?

What would happen if it became extinct? A large explosion in population of its prey. With more of the prey, they’ll have less food and will starve to death, then their other predators will starve to death.

Why African wild dogs are dangerous?

Major threats to the survival of wild dogs include accidental and targeted killings by humans, viral diseases like rabies and distemper, habitat loss and competition with larger predators like lions. Conflicts occur when wild dogs come in contact with people whose livelihoods rest largely on livestock and agriculture.

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