Do Africans eat okra?

Of all the native food crops in Africa, the Okra is one of the most prolific across the continent. Okra is eaten as a vegetable across most of West Africa and Southern Africa, and it’s most prolific use is in soups and sauces where its mucilaginous properties lends a slimy texture to the soup.

Is okra an African food?

Okra (okro) stew must be one of the most widely known dishes originating out of West Africa. … In fact, there are some versions of gumbo from Southern American cuisine, that are directly related to okro stew in West and Central Africa by name and consistency.

Are okra good for you?

Okra is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants that help reduce the risk of serious health conditions like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Okra is also a good source of: Magnesium. Folate.

How do you keep okra fresh for a long time?

Refrigerate unwashed, dry okra pods in the vegetable crisper, loosely wrapped in perforated plastic bags. Wet pods will quickly mold and become slimy. Okra will keep for only two or three days. When ridges and tips of pods turn dark, it needs to be used immediately.

How do you store okra for a long time?

Buying & Storage Tips

Fresh okra is very perishable. Keep no more than two to three days in the refrigerator. Store in a paper bag or wrapped in a paper towel and placed inside a perforated plastic bag to keep pods very dry. Moisture causes pods to become slimy.

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