Can you wear camo in South Africa?

Camo is OK in South Africa and Namibia; however, it should not be worn in town where it can draw unwanted attention. Clothing should be desert pattern and color during the summer, and darker greens and browns during the winter months.

Is it illegal to wear camo in South Africa?

Civilians are not – by law – allowed to wear any SA National Defence Force (SANDF) uniform including combat dress, better known as camouflage.

What country can you not wear camouflage?

Vincent and the Grenadines it is illegal to wear any form of camouflage clothing. The Parliament in Jamaica has passed a law banning all camouflage clothing except for uniforms worn by the police. They don’t want civilians mistake for police officers.

Can you wear camo in Africa?

Do not bring camouflage clothing as it is not considered a fashion statement in Africa… camo might draw unwanted attention at airports or border crossings. … As for the color of your safari clothes guide books and safari companies will tell you to wear beige, browns, and greens.

Is it illegal to wear camouflage?

TIL it is illegal for civilians to wear camouflage clothing in at least 18 countries, including Jamaica, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. Barbados.

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Can you wear camo on safari?

Camouflage clothing is a big no-no, and in some African countries it’s actually illegal, so leave the camouflage safari clothing at home! White and very pale coloured clothes show up the dust, so are best kept for evening wear.

Why is camo illegal in Jamaica?

The law used to state that you could wear camo if you weren’t out to ‘deceive’ people under a pretence of being police or military. Because this was deemed to be too ambiguous, they passed a law stating no camo clothing to be worn.

Can you wear shorts in Africa?

Wear pants or long skirts when traveling in Africa. … Avoid short skirts and shorts, which leave your legs vulnerable to mosquitoes and are considered immodest on women. Men should also avoid wearing shorts, as they are traditionally only worn by schoolchildren in many African nations.

Can I wear white on safari?

Can you wear white on safari? White stands out more than any other colour in the African bush and so isn’t suitable for safari activities.

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