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You   can do anything if you have Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hope rise to the stars

Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eye

It is the swing in your gait,  the grip of your hand

The irresistible surge of your will and your energy to execute your ideas

Enthusiasts are fighters

They have fortitude

They have staying qualities

Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress

With it there is accomplishments

Without it there are only alibis


Henry Ford's Fireplace Motto

At Your Service
African Classic Encounters - map by Michael Jackson - CEO of Classic

African Classic Encounters - map by Michael Jackson - CEO of Classic

Meet the invaluable members of  African Classic Encounters

The success of a company lies in their association with top professionals.

Meet the team that makes it happen at African Classic Encounters.

MJackson - Presiddent of African Classic Encounters -




M  Jackson, President
 Email Michael |

Former CEO of South African Tourism, Michael Jackson joined African Classic Encounters in 1996.

An avid photographer and winner of National Geographic photographic contest, artist, poet and adventurer, Michael's extensive knowledge of Southern Africa and interests in all things wild and unique,  has contributed immensely to the success of African Classic Encounters.

Photographic Poster - IN FLIGHT - Available

Art Poster and Poem  - WHY  - Available

 Acrylic painting - EAGLE  - On Order

Photographic Print - Echo in the mist

Winner of National Geographic Photographic contest

Tanya - Founder of African Classic Encounters -





Tanya Jackson, Founder of African Classic Encounters - E-mail Tanya |

Founded in 1994, African Classic Encounters is the enthusiastic result of a changing South Africa.

Let freedom ring was the start of a meaningful and exciting endeavor to share and enjoy the multi faceted African continent with many new explorers.

As a guest speaker at New York University recently addressing alumni members Tanya reinforced AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS' motto of Enthusiasm.

Avid horse woman, lover of all animals, adventurer and wine connoisseur, who appreciates the finer things in life, sets the stage for expert advice on travel to Southern Africa. 

Lowell Douglas

Lowell Douglas - Safari Guide Extra-ordinaire,   Email Lowell

Lowell is a welcome addition to the African Classic Encounters team. Heading the Atlanta office, Lowell is a well renowned author and  conservationist.

Lowell Douglas is the past President of Houston Safari Club International.

 Past Board of Director of Atlanta Safari Club. 

Past Vice President of Safari Club International Conservation Fund � approximately 2 million associate members. 

City Street in Waco, Texas dedicated and named �Lowell Avenue� in 1976 by the Waco, Texas City Council. 

Instrumental in founding �The Women�s Village Councils of Southern Africa� now known as �Campfire� which single handily is responsible for the successful anti-poaching of elephants and other southern African animals �  National Wildlife Federation in 1978 � 1980 � which honored Lowell C. Douglas as instrumental in saving the African Elephant in 1978.

  • Novel entitled �My Mother Is My Sister� jointly authored by the mother of Douglas, Lois S. Strain.                   Click here to read more and to order the "hot of the press" publication.

  • Commissioned novel entitled �Murders On Safari� for fund raisers through Safari Club International chapters.  This novel features a cooperative editing by famous African author Peter Hathaway Capstick. 

  • The Funeral Of  TITANIC THOMPSON by St. Barthelemy Press.  Award banquet speaker at the 2002 NEC World Golf Championship in Seattle, Washington in connection with this release. 

  • Author � The 25 Undeniable Truths of Business � published by St. Barthelemy Press.  Currently a guest lecturer on this book at Georgia Tech Business Management School and various fraternal organizations.

  • Published numerous hunting short stories and research comments in Safari Magazine, National Geographic, and Safari Quest Magazine.

Jane Clark - Travel Marketing Director






Jane Clark - Travel  Marketing Director Email Jane |

Born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe before moving to South Africa, her knowledge and love of Africa make her a valuable asset to African Classic Encounters. 

Jane has many years of experience in customer service industries around the world, where she has lived and traveled extensively.   She also has excellent back office skills in finance and organisation. 

Jane joins African Classic Encounters in the position of Travel Marketing Director and shares her time in South Africa and the UK.  Jane is responsible for running the South African office and marketing facilitation in Europe. 

African Classic Encounters' eternal quest for excellence is echoed by Jane�s  motto �The Customer is Key�.   

Tracey Thompson, Marketing Manager
 Email Tracey| 

Tracey joins African Classic Encounters with a wealth of experience in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

Traveling between the UK, South Africa and the USA,  keeping her finger on the pulse of marketing trends.

Tracey is African Classic Encounters' in-house Public Relations and Marketing officer.

Zhayne Nel,   Communications and IT  Manager -  Email Zhayne |

Zhayne hails from South Africa and is based in London where he manages communications and all IT related services.

He accompanies small select adventure groups to Southern Africa. 

Efficiency and reliability is his trade mark which is most appreciated in the fast pace world of travel.